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The Art of Engineering by David Kirkham

This book documents the project build from beginning to end. It wasn't until after the book was printed that there was any real thought to distributing it in any fashion beyond a few copies for those intimately involved in the project and a few close friends. As people have begun to see copies of the book, we've had requests to sell the billet aluminum bound book. The billet bound book is available on an extremely limited basis for $4,500 per copy. This is the ultimate hardcover book. To make the machined aluminum binding requires more than 35 pounds of aluminum plate and over 30 hours of CNC mill time for each book. Every page is printed on premium 12" x 12" cover stock. For the story of the creation of the billet aluminum bound book, see chapter 22.

People have asked for a more affordable alternative. We are looking into the possibility of publishing a standard hardback version. Meanwhile, a free download is available above.

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