Billet Coolant Overflow Tank

billet coolant tank

Originally, the Cobras were fitted with a modified tank from FE engined Ford cars. The originals were brass tanks soldered together, very much like the radiators of the day were. We noticed a recurring problem with the original and reporduction coolant tanks. They were leaking and/or blowing apart. Shelby would de-solder apart the tank, then rotate the main body 180 degrees, and re-solder it. A simple job that would usually hold together several years. Well, it's now several years later...

There have been reproductions on the market. We tried and tested many, but we always had either quality or availability issues.

So we designed and manufactured a replacement. It's billet (carved from a solid block or 'billet' of aluminum), and the design has been tested to over 100 psi -- the radiator cap releases at 16-25 psi.

A direct bolt in replacement, this tank should last a long, long, long time.

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